Cibin srl has been manufacturing lenses and working in fine optics since 1970.

Over the years we have made countless diverse products, innovated machinery and implemented systems that guarantee quality, precision and reliability over time. All manufacturing processes are carried out in our factory.

"Our experience and ability to design any optical system is at customer's disposal"

Our extensive machinery, fast turnaround times and well-trained staff enable us to produce from a few units to thousands of parts in the shortest possible time.

The use of semi-optical glass, optical glass, equipment and machinery for glass processing and polishing...

allow us to produce a huge variety of lenses in terms of size and function.

They can differ in thickness, radii of curvature, diameters and construction material, having any equivalent focal length (EFL) and appropriate functionality in terms of aberration compensation and luminous flux control.

Single spherical lenses, also organised in complex functional groups, are used for imaging, micro- and macroscopic observations, controlling the geometry of light flows (lighting) and laser beams and, in general, for industrial and medical electro-optical instrumentation.

Over the years, demands have been made to optimise space and reduced size; micro lenses have been built, micro lenses systems have been designed and manufactured, and high quality work has been carried out in an increasingly important and cutting-edge sector.

We also make achromatic doublets, i.e. pairs of lenses bonded on a common radius of curvature, which have a strong ability to compensate for chromatic and spherical aberration.


    We manufacture a wide range of spherical lenses...

    and cylindrical lenses, which are characterised by cylindrical rather than spherical surfaces and are generally plane convex or plane concave.

    We process optical mirrors, which can be flat or spherical (convex or concave). They consist of an aluminised glass substrate with high-quality coatings in terms of resistance and reflectivity.

     We manufacture prisms, i.e. polyhedra of various sizes and geometries depending on the function: dispersion, deflection, tilting or image transfer.

    We make high-quality discs, windows and filters.

    We process fused silica (SiO2) and calcium fluorite (CaF2), materials often used in spectroscopy when the analysis is extended into the ultraviolet and infra-red.


    Factory, machinery...

    We can perform single-layer and multi-layer surface treatments on lenses and foils centred in any spectral band. Treatments are typically anti-reflective (to increase optical efficiency) or anti-heat to protect downstream elements from the infra-red radiation (heat) of light sources.

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