Optical design

Optical and Mechanical
There are countless fields of application for optics: photography, lighting, industrial, scientific, medical and electronic equipment, etc...
Optical design

For decades, Cibin srl has been providing optical design to customers wishing to create new optical systems, from the simplest to the most sophisticated. When it comes to lens, be it doublet or complex lens, it often requires a specific design.

The company is able to meet the most complex design requirements, such as high-resolution, high-brightness, wide-angle, fisheye, telecentric, bitelecentric, zoom, micro-objectives, relay systems, boroscopes, eyepieces, telescopes, microscopes, projectors, catadioptric systems, beam expanders, etc., all customised to customer specifications.

Over the years, many of the above-mentioned optical systems have been designed, built and successfully implemented.

Mechanical design

Optical systems are designed with the lenses ideally working in the air; in order to maintain the distances between the lenses, to diaphragm and to make all objects work along the optical axis, enclosures and mechanical parts are needed to optimise the performance of the lenses and to keep the lenses fixed and stable. In some other cases, however, the mechanics involve the movement of certain lenses, as in zooms or other focusing systems.

The experience we have allows us to make high quality mechanical designs, provide high precision mechanical components and excellent and effective anodising.

Depending on requirements, the most suitable mounting systems, millimetre or inch threads, C-mount connections, mounts and more can be produced.

Do you need a special design?

Success depends on previous preparation, and without such preparation there is bound to be failure.


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